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Connected is a podcast where co-parents discuss the inner workings life, love, and family as a co-parent.

This podcast accepts submission from moms and dads! The themes for 2019 are listed below.

September Theme: Scheduling * Submission Deadline 8-25-19*

The school year is officially here, it’s the perfect time for this discussion. Example topics for your submission: Discuss your co-parent schedule, express your thoughts on how/why your schedule works, discuss the impact of schedule on schooling, express your thoughts on how to effectively navigate through schedule conflicts or changes.

October Theme: Communication *Submission Deadline 9-25-19*

Example topics for your submission: Discuss best practices regarding communication, discuss how to disagree respectfully, discuss the ups and downs of your journey through communication, discuss effective methods of communication, discuss how to bounce back from miscommunication or learning to apologize.

November Theme: Conversation *Submission deadline 10-25-19*

Submission should discuss: How you explain concepts or converse with your children around topics/questions related to your co-parenting lifestyle?

December Theme: Holidays *Submission Deadline 11-25-19*

Submission should discuss: What holidays are like for you as a co-parent? What do you think is challenging or works well during the holiday season?


  1. Three (3) submissions will be selected and recorded for inclusion in each episode.

  2. With your submission, please indicate which month/theme your submission is for.

  3. Please submit a summary of your story/response for the selected theme. Only one (1) topic per theme will be accepted. For example, if you choose September’s theme, your submission should be, “I effectively navigate through schedule conflicts and changes by…” if that’s the topic you chose. You may submit your own topics for themes except when a theme states “Submission should discuss:”

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