Write on the Walls





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Initially I was searching for decor ideas for my son's room, I stumbled across a design with a chalkboard wall, then my wheels really started turning. I'm big on motivational quotes and little reminders to always follow my dreams. So naturally I started thinking of how I could incorporate these chalkboard walls throughout my house for various purposes.
These are just a few images I saved as inspiration. What I love most about this concept is, it's family oriented!!! It's something everyone can utilize and it can really be used as family bonding. From a reminder of the grocery list, to recipes, for educational use, or even a simple quote that reminds you to always conquer your day. The concept of these walls is exactly what was missing from the rooms I've been planning.
More importantly the mood I want to create when you walk into my home. I've always envisioned my home to be a place where people love to visit. While I love vintage/modern decor, which can sometimes feel cold or dated. Adding feeling to your home is what's most important.
I believe your home should be a glimpse into who you are and showcase the things you love. Just don't look in my closet hahaha, it's always a train wreck. You know how it is when women get dressed lol.
Anyway, I'm so excited about the progress I've made in conceptualizing my home. The last thing you wanna do is go out and buy a bunch of shit that looks crazy together lol.