Winter White

Skirt: Thrifted / Top: H&M / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Clutch: Vintage

Hey loves happy Sunday!!! It’s been such a beautiful weekend in Maryland and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it!!! I have so much going on right now and I’ve been procrastinating a bit, so this week I’m vowing to get a lot of things done! One of the highest things on my list is to prepare for New York Fashion Week!!! I’m super excited to be going and I can’t believe it’s a month away….yikes. I’m kind of panicking right now thinking about what I’m going to pack! If you don’t follow me on Twitter you should definitely do so because I’m going to be tweeting pictures like every second I’m there. I’ve been going to the thrift store like everyday searching for the perfect items to buy. Usually I only go when they have 50% off, cause hell on those days $10 becomes $5 and I like the sound of that lol. I haven’t hit the jackpot yet, I think it’s because when I’m really trying to look for something I never find it.  It’s always like that, when I randomly decide to go thrifting I always strike gold. Anywoo, I found this skirt for $2.99 and immediately I thought to wear this top from H&M with it. I’ve had this top for sooooo long but I’ve never worn it. I love wearing all white/cream, I think it’s such a classic look! Well I have things to do, beer to drink, and football to watch sooooooo BYE BYE :P…Have a superfantabulous day lol!!!!