White Year Round

Suit: Vintage / Jacket: Thrifted / Belt: Thrifted / Clutch: Thrifted / Shoes: Alaia
Photography: Trisha Penn

TGIF!!! I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend. Even though relaxing to me still means busy, this weekend isn't as jam packed as my weekends have been over the last month. I'm looking forward to brunching with the girls on Sunday, never a dull moment when we get together.

I attended two events Wednesday, so this outfit served double duty. I probably have a variation of 5 thrifted coats like this, and all of them were under 20 bucks. I love this one because it's so light weight. I haven't managed to get the moth ball smell completely out, but I wore it anyway lol. That's one thing about thrifting I don't like. Some of those odors are staaaaaaank haha. I also have an extremely sensitive nose tho.

Pulled out this suit last worn at fashion week, HERE. It's definitely one of my favorite vintage pieces, the back is so dope, it's like unexpected edge! I feel so classic in suits, like every time I wear one it should be accompanied with a glass of champagne lol.

I'm gonna try to have a video up for you guys tomorrow. Gonna do a short hair tutorial for you guys so lookout for that! Have a great weekend xoxo.


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