White Is Always Right

Did you guys miss me?!?!? Well hell I do work full time OK...

Top: H&M / Pants: BCBG / Jacket: Bebe / Shoes: ALDO / Necklace: One Oak by Sara / Rings: She's Unique & Loud Love Jewelry

...yes, some bloggers have real jobs lol. Even though I love you guys and would love nothing more than to be here chopping it up everyday, I gotta keep the 9-5 intact!!! Anyway, I've been OBSESSED with wearing white. You can never go wrong wearing all white or all black.
I'm kinda hiding from you in these pictures because I've been battling some serious skin problems. Like every morning I wake up, my face is soooooo damn oily. I think someone's smearing baby oil on my face when I sleep as some kinda cruel joke. I can't win, I'm just gonna avoid posting straight on shots, shitty skin wins.

In other news I'm hosting a pop-up shop this Thursday-Saturday!!!! You guys should come check it out, you can RSVP ---->  HERE Would love to meet you, plus there's free wine...who doesn't love free wine?!?!?

Now I've gotta get back to watching the playoffs because this is actually a good game....so bye.