Whatever Wednesday

Happy happy Wednesday!!!!! This is an especially happy Wednesday for me, why do you ask.......BARACK is back baby!!!!! I'm not going to dive too deep into politics but I had to show my support for our 44th president. I took some notes from the Beyonce Super Bowl announcement ...Now mind you I took this pic in the wee hours of the morning. I hope I'm doing King Bey some justice. Hell we can't all be as flawless as her. So let's just say there are far and few things that can steal my sunshine today!!! Daylight savings time is kicking my ass but there will be new outfit posts soon. I told ya'll the winter struggle is real!!! But I luh ya'll so much that I'll stand out in the COLD, pose, and try to smile when my lips are quivering. I don't know what you gon do today....but ima be.....BARACKIN MY BODY!!!