Whatever Wednesday


Heeeeyyyy!!! Now I really can't explain my love for Mr. Frankie Beverly. For as long as I can remember I've loved soul music. I remember being 10 sitting in my room, listening to Stevie Wonder writing songs cause I just knew I'd be a star one day. I mean, the rush when you hear that infamous...DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN WOAH WOOOOOOOOOAH!!!! Lawd it takes me places, and just like Frankie, bless his heart, I get so moved by the music I start dancing on beat, off beat, hell to my own beat cause it makes you feel so damn good.

I wish there were more artists in the world like this man. Music has become such a joke these days. I refuse to let my son listen to todays "music." Now don't get me wrong, there are some real and very talented artists out there. But overall, what you hear on the radio is commercial trash!!! Anywoo, I saw Frankie here in DC over the summer and the experience was nothing short of AMAZING. So I'm doing my small part to pay homage to the artists that inspire and move me like only they can...we're talking Frankie, Stevie, Michael, Luther, Chaka, Anita, Whitney!!! Legendary and unforgettable artists whose music will forever keep us hopeful, dancing, inspired, and trying to hit those high notes failing every time!!! Yall know ain't no cookout, family reunion, party etc... right without these 4 words....BEFORE I LET GO