Whatever Wednesday

Hey hey happy hump day people!!! Soooooooo I'm seriously fighting off the urge to cut my hair. Basically I started going natural when I was pregnant because I didn't wanna put chemicals in my hair. I love being natural and all, but I need a change. I'm thinking I might keep my natural hair and just shorten the sides. I'm so torn...helllllllllp me!!! These are some of the hair styles I'm loving right now. I also added two pics below of me with short hair. These pics are like 4-5 years old...not quite sure why I don't have a lot more pics of me with short hair, but this is all I could find. I want a fresh new look for the new year so what are your thoughts???? Keep the hair or get scissor happy. Hell, I can always put a weave in if I don't like it!