Whatever Wednesday

Ok so normally I don't dive too deep into my personal life because, in this day and age, I'm one of the last Mohicans who believe personal life is just that...PERSONAL!!! However, I will occasionally dive into the surface area of such things. With that being said, today's post stems more out of curiosity than anything else. So I'm pretty adamant about not having kids after 30. As you all probably know I have a 3 year old son and, yes I don't care about telling my age, I'm 27 years young. In a perfect world I would've popped out my bambinos back to back and been done with the pregnancy expansion. But hell, this ain't a perfect world so that didn't happen. Now, I find myself in a grey area. On one hand I have a lot of career moves to figure out, which equals a lot on my plate. But on the other hand I'm strongly considering having my second and final baby soon.
My only real concern with doing so is balance. Having my son has been a very smooth transition, but I know having multiple kids is a whole different ball game. I'm curious to hear from my mommy readers with multiples...I'm curious about your transition from one to two kids. I know everyone's different so my experience won't be the same, but it doesn't hurt to have a little insight on your journey.
Plus you'll have to deal with the pregnant hormonal me!!! And if history repeats itself you're in for a wild ride. If ya'll think I'm nutty now...image me x10. Pure entertainment will ensue, mainly because my slight inkling of giving a damn goes straight to hell. But lets not get ahead of ourselves haha...seriously tho, help a sista out fellow mamas XOXO