Whatever Wednesday

So I'm in a love talk and slow jams mood today. While having a heavy debate with friends about relationships, I came to realize a few things. Now to determine which side of the room has the strongest argument, I come to you lovely folks. So let's chop it up...The room agreed there are certain aspects of relationships that without question have to present. The usual suspects like monogamy, trust, honesty blah blah blah.  Now basically it boiled down to this: What I like to call "The Versus." We'll call it A versus B!
The type A relationship is based on these three factors. Stability, quantity, and consistency. Type B is based on grind, quality, and growth. I wont tell you what side I'm on...but I'd like you to think about what the words in both type A and B mean to you. And just to be clear, in all relationships you're gonna go through some shitty times and have some great times. This evaluation deals more with mentality. It deals with how relationships are viewed today.
So comment on this one! Don't let me down either, choose the right type. The versus struggle is REAL!!!!