Whatever Wednesday

Happy humpty hump day!!! So I've decided to dedicate Wednesday's to things I love outside of outfit posts. Welcome to the first installment of "Whatever Wednesday." As you probably know, I have like 25 personalities in one body, so it's only right that you get to know all 25 of them lol. No but really, I'd just like to start sharing more with you folks! Today I'm highlighting The Gallery of Fashion Art!!! I'm an art lover, now I couldn't tell ya the history behind paintings and things, but I appreciate the felling/mood artwork conveys.  Combine that with my love of fashion and you've got a dangerous combination my friends. That's exactly what the illustrators at the Gallery of Fashion Art are all about. This illustration of me by artist Ivy Chen, literally blew me away (Inspired by THIS post). I can't wait to frame this baby and find a space for it in my house. You guys should really check out the AMAZING and very  talented illustrators at GoFA, I promise you wont be disappointed! They're probably going to get tired of me because I'm kind of obsessed with what they're all about. Anywoo, I hope you guys have a superfantastic day XOXO