Weekend Chill

Dress: Vintage (thrifted) / Shirt: H&M / Bag: Vintage (thrifted) / Shoes: Aldo / Shades: Ray Ban
Photography: Trisha Penn

When I found this dress thrifting, I couldn't believe no one snatched it up. Then I remembered not everyone's a damn string bean like me. Ahh well I've learned to embrace looking 15, although the 15 year olds these days look 25. I'm not complaining that all the size zeros are left gloriously hanging shining like halos, only for me to stumble upon. So thank you lord for minimal bust and behind, without those physical features, my closet wouldn't be the vintage sanctuary it is today lol. 

The one thing I always say to my fellow skinny girls is, today's obsession with being super thick...ie buying enormous artificial body parts...is a trend!!! 30 years from now it ain't gonna be cute carrying all that extra junk. So love the skin ya in!!! Don't feel pressured to be or look like anything you're not. 

You know how many men have referenced my small frame as a negative, too many. I just laugh and think to myself, my outside is NO comparison to my inside. My physical attributes are just that physical, my worth is internal, my mind and my heart. Never judge people at face value!!! 

Now, back to my fit. I mentioned the great weekend weather we had in my last post. I guess it was a bonus for the shitty weather we've had all week. But I took my dress out for a spin and added a little denim texture by throwing this shirt around my waist.

My camera died so I only shot six frames of this outfit. Luckily four of them were to my liking. And let me just say, it usually takes a whole lot more than 6 frames for me to look cute ha! Have great weekend guys xoxo