Wall Worthy

Dress: Vintage (thrifted) / Necklace: Vintage Listner (thrifted) / Earrings: Aldo

Well due to the rain and me just being flat out lazy, I haven't posted in a while. So instead of continued neglect, I decided to finally get this new post up. I've been debating on what type of photos I wanna put up around the house to add a little pizazz. It's been a little difficult because I don't want people to walk in and think, "this bi*ch is really full of herself" lol. I know I've thought that walking into a few houses myself. The weather has SO not been on my side, which forced me inside for these photos. Taking pictures at home is fun because it makes it easy to change if you're not feeling your outfit :) Anywoo, I decided to wear this amazing blue beaded dress I found thrifting. Now, I haven't worn this dress out yet, I just threw it on to take these pics with the hope that I'd get a shot I like for the house. With that being said, I WILL be wearing this again and it just may reappear on the blog. I "love" how people think just because you wear an outfit on your blog it can't be repeated. You can just call me the repeat offender because I'll be damned if I wear my clothes just one time!!! So these are the best shots in my opinion, still not sure if any of these will go up but wanted to share them with you guys anyway. Let me know what you think, are they wall worthy or should I try something else? Now back to my lazyassness, I promise I will not continue this behavior!!! I have two pretty awesome events to go to this week so I'll have some great posts up. One hosted by my boo Keri, see, HERE, so if you're in DC come check it out. Welp that's enough for now, HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!
P.S.  Stop by Madewell in Montgomery Mall this Sunday (7/29) from 12-2pm I'm hosting an insider event!!! It will be a great time. Let me know you're coming HERE !!!!!