Visible Bras

Top: Urban Outfitters (old) / Skirt: American Apparel / Shoes: Giuseppe / Necklace: F21

Yo! Sorry for the lack of posterior lately. I've been working my 9-5 and busting my ass on this clothing line, I can't even keep track of the days anymore. But aye, all's fair in love and the hustle life!! The saying is true...go hard or go home..

Now, I've developed quite the obsession for a few things lately. Like hats, wigs, and as you can see in this post, visible bras!!! It's odd cause I'm actually anti bra, it's the first thing that comes off when I get home. Bras for me are equivalent to jock straps lol. That is unless they're making a fashion statement, or if I need some extra padding! 

I just don't have time to be creative in my posting right now, so here I am, on the deck once again haha. What you don't see is my son riding around on his truck asking me a million questions. You thought this shit was so glamorous right?!?!? SOMEtimes it is haha, but for this full-time working blogger mom...everything's a family affair! Thanks mom for taking my pictures and dealing with my OCD....again...XOXO