Unique Closet Fashion Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending this awesome fashion show hosted at Unique Thrift Store/Value Village. And as you all know I love thrifting, it was so amazing watching the models walk the runway. What I loved most about the show were the models, they used individuals who are the face of our community. They ranged from children to adults who are all making a positive impact in their communities. Check them out below!!!


Man these ladies are GORGE

Cheese lol

Because this was a thrift store sponsored event, I decided to go completely thrifted from head to ankle lol. My shoes aren't thrifted. My entire outfit including accessories is thrifted!!! I joined the models in celebrating the beautiful things you can find at your local thrift stores. They had me beat because their outfits were thrifted from head to toe with an average price of only $20!!!! How awesome is that???


Now to the good stuff!!! This was the 4th annual Unique Closet Fashion Show, the event celebrates an annual program that has awarded $400,000 in gift cards to those in need. Here, Unique Thrift Store is presenting a check for another $100,000 to be awarded in the form of gift cards for redemption at the store to purchase clothing, winter coats, school supplies, shoes, furniture, housewares, and other necessities. This was such an amazing event for such an amazing program!!! See more information about the Unique Closet Program below XOXO

Established in2007, the Unique Closet Program provides $100,000 a year in free gift cards tobe redeemed at any Unique Thrift Store for a variety of merchandise from wintercoats, to school supplies for children, to bed linens, furniture, pots andpans, and more. Unique Thrift Store partners with more than 80 differentorganizations throughout Montgomery County including government agencies,non-profits and schools to distribute the gift cards to those in need. The program has served more than 15,000 individuals and after this year’sdonation, will have provided more than $500,000 in support for local residents.
Unique ThriftStore, a Savers, Inc. brand, is a privately held for-profit national thriftretailer operating six locations in the Washington region.  Through itsunique business model of purchasing, reselling and recycling secondhandmerchandise, Unique Thrift Store provides sustainable funding to localnonprofit organizations, gives consumers a smart way to shop and saves millionsof pounds of quality goods from landfills each year.