Tulle'n It

Top & Belt: Bebe / Tulle Skirt: DIY / Shoes: Aldo

Saturday was my birthday but on Sunday I had brunch with a few fashionable ladies!!! I'm old as hell, can't believe I'm 28. Time really flies I tell ya...Usually I have a grand birthday celebration, but this year I decided to keep it low key. I'm saving it all for the big 3-0, is it sad I'm already planning my 30th birthday?!?! If it is oh well lol. Because I had no real bday plans, I didn't have a concrete outfit in mind. You know how us women get...we gotta get fancy for our bday haha!!! So at the last minute I made another DIY tulle skirt. I cut this one short, as opposed to the one HERE which is longer. I just so happen to pick up this top from Bebe that matched the tulle I bought a while back, it really was a coincidence. I know some of ya'll like yea right but you should know by now I keep it 100!!!

Anywoo, it was hot as all hell outside, and I was sweating bullets in this tutu, but hell I look cute right lol. I spent most of my time in front of a fan like my ass was Beyonce or something. However, not so my hair could appear to be blowing in the wind, but because I was sweating in places I didn't even know I could sweat. TMI maybe but I had a great time anyway. 28 has been so far so good ;)