Tribal Rainforest

Denisio was trying to get me to look pretty and smell a flower at the same time...It's safe to say I failed to do so lol

Top: Thrifted / Belt: Shareen Vintage / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Aldo
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Friday!!!! I'm looking forward to another great weekend. I really wanna go downtown to see the cherry blossoms. Today is the perfect day to go being that it will be 80 degrees and there might be some rain over the weekend. As you've probably noticed, I've been wearing this top knot for quite a while now. I'm actually quite sick of it but because of a disease called laziness I've held on to it. I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do with my hair, so I finally went to my hair stylist and got a slight haircut. In her chair I was complaining about my hair and she came up with a brilliant idea....wait for it....a custom WIG!!! Because some days I want long hair and other days short, plus the fact that I can't stand sewn in weaves sometimes because your hair can't really breathe. This is the perfect solution to my problem. Alicia you're a genius lol. So don't be all alarmed if you see me with my long luxurious wig on then my real hair the next day OK!!! I'm getting my Kim on from RHOA, wait wait wait now I have to get a hair dummy and make sure when my wigs travel with me they be buckled in safe and secure!!! What should I name my dummy any suggestions...hahahahahaha I'm serious tho I need a name people. I have a feeling my son is gonna beat up the poor thing haha gotta love that child. Well I'm signing off now humming this song.....

Don't be jealous of my wig ohhhhh ohhhhhh , Don't be jealous of my wig ohhhhhh remix of tardy for the party bwahahahahaha!!!! 

PS...I'm in this kind of mood today, is it just me???