Too Toned

Dress: c/o Sugarlips / Belt: Zara / Necklace: Aldo / Shoes: Miu Miu / Watch: Michael Kors
Photography: Thanh Nguyen

Hey loves!!! I hope you're having a geat week...good's almost over ;) Let me start off by explaining how hard it was to choose photos for this post! I swear I looked like a body builder in majority of the pics...I was like, do I look that strong in person??? I sure hope not because it was definitely a scary sight. One day I should seriously post "bloopers," you guys would look at me in a whole different light lol. I'm gonna look through my memory card this weekend and post some. So what I look a mess in 45 of 50 frames don't judge me...*side eye* haha. It was raining a little while shooting, and you know normally I would duck and cover, but it was actually quite relaxing...THANKS TO MY FAKE PONYTAIL. I loooooove the color of this dress, I know I really need to stop wearing pink, not sure why that keeps happening. And just in case you're wondering I am trying to flash you in the last pic....ok ok ok just kidding kind of :-O!!! Welp, I gotta run so byeeeeeeeeeee XOXO.