Today's Finds

If you follow my blog, which I hope you do, my Closet Audit post mentioned items I’d be adding to my ever growing wardrobe this fall.  So this morning I was out thrifting at the crack of dawn, that’s when you find the good stuff, and I wasn’t having too much luck until I stumbled across this AMAZING reversible fur vest.  I was instantly in love! As I continued to walk around and search for other items, I could see women gawking at my vest waiting to see if I’d put it down. NOPE wasn’t gonna happen lol. This is one piece that I’m sure you’ll see often this fall/winter.  The fur is so soft and the navy blue suede adds a chic twist when worn on the outside. Overall LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

I also found these two skirts today.  I’m really into high-waisted bottoms right now.  Because I have a small frame I find that a higher waist or an ankle pant is the way to go.  They create a more womanly shape for small women.  I use to be obsessed with trying to gain a few pounds but I’ve realized that all I needed to do was adjust the type of clothing I was wearing.  It makes a world of difference. I hope everyone had a great Saturday!!!