Through My Window

I LOVE this vanity!!!! I was on Craigslist looking for vintage items and I saw this, even though I didn’t really need it, I needed it lol.  After haggling the price down from $75 to $30, I felt it was worth the drive to DC to get!! It fits so perfectly in the corner of my room, totally patting myself on the back for this find.

A glimpse into my closet!!!

This dresser is another Craigslist find that I got for an even better deal than the vanity….drumroll please….for FREE….WOOHOO!!!!  I love the imperfections of this dresser, it adds so much character to the room. All it needed was some wood glue and new screws and now it’s perfect.  Thanks to a certain someone for doing most of the work ;) I also got the jewelry box for $5 at a thrift store.  You don’t have to spend BIG bucks for great pieces, you just have to be creative and smart about what you need.

The BEST candles ever!!!

So stole this idea of using a bookshelf as a shoe display from another blog I follow. Karla Deras is a genius!!! I would have never thought to do this!! 

Some of my jewelry!!!
I'm SO in love with my room!! It’s so cozy and warm so I decided to share it with you.  It’s taken me forever to get it together. I swear I thought boxes would become a permanent fixture and I’d be living out of them forever.  That’s really sad considering I moved here in February  :/ But I managed to get it together so I guess that’s all that matters!!  I can’t say I’m completely done with it, I’ll probably add a few more things before it’s all said and done. I hope you guys enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!!!