Hat & Shorts: Thrifted (alternative) / Top & Cuffs: F21 / Shoes: YSL / Bag: Zara / Shades: Ray Ban

Late Sunday post today, I’ve been so busy trying to keep my life together…I’m sure ya’ll know how crazy that can be!!! But I always find peace and clarity in doing the things I love. Most notably, scouring racks of clothing at local thrift stores. Beyond the dust and cat dander residue, which I’m severely allergic to, the hunt for vintage treasures just makes everything alright. 

It was so hot today, so what started as a full length tank top, after a little improvising became a crop top lol. You may think that’s a tad bit ghetto hahaha but to me that’s hella crafty. I found these shorts and this hat thrifting, they’re definitely a match made in heaven. I’m usually not a hat person but I made an exception for this one. This outfit was so comfortable for all the running around I had to do today, I almost didn’t wanna take it off. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend xoxo.