Thrift for the Home

A lot of people inquire about the furniture and home decor items I post on Instagram (@beloudbeyou). So I decided to post a few shots of pieces I've found while thrifting. Similar to my taste in fashion, I'm always thinking of creative ways to mix modern with vintage decor at home. Most things I find need no refinish, well depending on your taste, but if anything it's minor fixes that require a quick trip to Home Deopt. What I LOVE about vintage decor is it's worn appearance. Adding pieces with character to a modern room just adds a certain elegance. Not only that, but thrifting for these pieces is cost effective for those of you like me who have limited budgets. (Primarily because of my addiction to footwear, but we won't discuss that haha.)

So next time you're in the thrift store make sure you swing by the home section. Rehabbing vintage furniture sounds like a perfect Saturday morning :)  
1. Table ($25) and flower set ($20 total)
2. Flatware set of 28 ($12)
3. Wood leather studded bar stools ($60 for the pair)
4. Vintage carafe, lamp, vase, and trunk ($50 for all items)