The Little Things

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Although I'm anti trend, I have to admit, the recent emergence of dainty jewelry is everything!!! I use to be big on wearing statement pieces, but after having my son, I actually prefer subtlety over statement. It's not really practical to wear an arm full of bangles or a 10 pound necklace while running him around lol. That's what I love about this "trend," minimal doesn't mean non-existent. I can still stack and layer jewelry, but it's more functional, I can wear these pieces everyday as opposed to only on certain occasions.
So I wanted to share a few of my favorite jewelry sites, just in case you're searching for some quality places to shop!!! Anjolee (specifically diamond jewelry), Loud Love Jewelry, and She's Unique VA are my favorite places to shop all things dainty! It's the holiday season, you know how much people enjoy receiving little boxes ;) So go ahead, buy a few!!!
I saved you some work and time haha, you can shop some of my picks below :)

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