The Brooklyn Home Company

Happy New Year, I'm a little late but I hope your new year has gotten off to a great start! The time has finally arrived for me to move, I'm T-10 days away from move in day and it's been getting all my attention. Over the past two years I've collected some pretty awesome vintage pieces. Majority of which I've found thrifting, which is insane because I see comparable pieces selling online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Naturally, I've been all over the net pulling inspiration for my interior design concept.

I somehow stumbled across The Brooklyn Home Company. I must say I love their interiors and I'm excited to be sharing them with you guys. They have so many beautiful projects on their site, so I pulled a few images I loved for this post. TBHC's values are impressive as well, they read. "We embrace individualism, artistic integrity, customer focus, and environmental conservation as a business philosophy. We integrate these qualities into each of our homes. We’re a business, a family, and we’re contributing to the Brooklyn community." I really appreciate businesses that are involved in their communities.

I've probably said this a million times, but social responsibility is something I believe every business should take seriously. This year I'll be launching two new business ventures, both deeply rooted in community along with various social initiatives. As much as I want to make a great product, I want to be sure the consumer gets more than just a physical good. Anyway, I'll talk more about those things in the coming months. (You know I get sidetracked)

I swear I can look at design ideas all day and not get bored, maybe slightly envious lol, but definitely not bored! I can't imagine what this process would be like if I was moving into a house. Thank God it's an apartment for now, I can't imagine planning on a grander scale with everything else I have on my plate lol. This is my first real shot at interior design from top to bottom. Let's hope I can execute as I see things in my mind. I'm pretty confidant being that it's basically been two years in the making.

This weekend I finally buckled down and put together each rooms design plan. Which should translate into an eclectic mix of textures and styles that are representative of my personality. I love a lot of seemingly different, even opposite styles. Which was evident going through my storage unit. But in totality, they tell the perfect story. 
A home should represent who you are, I've lived on my own many times but I've never really felt like I had a home. This time is different because I've hit my stride in knowing who I am and what I want. You may be thinking, what does that have to do with moving? But for me it has everything to do with moving. This home is a new beginning for me, a place I'm going into with a clear conscience and the intent to foster beautiful moments. I am so excited about that. I'm also very excited to share this journey with you guys!

I hope you all are excited as I am to make 2015 the best one yet. Let's dream big and accomplish great things this year xo.