Summer Inspirations

Happy Thursday!!! I haven't done an inspiration post in a long time so I decided to post one today. Last night I was in the zone working on our next collection, I took to the internet to get some visual stimulation. The "Sheer" collection is going to be pretty major by the way. Denisio and I have come up with some show stopping sketches that I'm personally obsessed with. You probably know I love to show a little (or a lot) of skin haha!!!! So I hope you guys are ready to show off a little too :) Anywoo, my mom hates when I write that lol, I narrowed my inspirations down to these 6 photos and here's why...

1)  I'm a huge fan of wearing underwear as outerwear, I'd probably walk out the house looking exactly like this picture if it were socially acceptable lol. A lot of my ideas for 8 Vintage are centered around this concept.

2) I'm really into 50s fashion, so I envision myself wearing tons of sexy separates that are geared towards this era. When I look at 50s style, I love how the clothing really accentuates a woman's figure.

3) This picture just screams at me, there's really no rhyme or reason other than she looks spectacular and so confident. for me it's just perfection.

4) Of course I'm into sheer, like seen HERE & HERE, but I'm usually not into longer length dresses. However, this photo solidified that long, flowy, and sheer = major sexiness. So I'll be incorporating similar looks into my arsenal!

5) Peplum, peplum, peplum!!! Ok so I know this is trendy right now and everyone is wearing it, but rightfully so. For women who are hiply challenged, like me, peplum is your best friend!!! LOVE IT.

6) Last but definitely not least is tulle. I swear I would add tulle to everything if I could, I believe the fuller the better.

I just wanted to share what I'm into right now...What are some of your summer inspirations? I'd love to know. Hey you never know a future 8 Vintage collection could be centered around it :) XOXO