Spring In October

Hat, Bandeau, & Bag: Thrifted / Pants: Gifted from my Sis (also thrifted) / Shoes: Aldo (alternative)
Photography: Trisha Penn

Heyyyyyy! So this weekend we had a flashback to spring/summer thanks to global warming. It's funny because I was talking to Trisha and she said, "I just can't dress like summer when it's October." My reply was, if it feels like summer...dress like summer!!! I mean who makes these rules in the first place? I make the rules in my world so on October 5th I hit the streets in this, not really giving a damn that it was October, but so I wouldn't melt in the 90 degree heat!!!

That's the thing about life...not enough people live based on how they truly feel. Adhering to "rules" or "standards" you don't really believe in, yet abide by out of fear of being different. I see it all the time in different areas of life. Not to get all deep but, that's what I dislike most about this generation. It's not enough people who genuinely embrace the real person they are. Instead I see the "follow the masses" approach to living. Let me put it in understandable terms lol...you have a million followers on IG or twitter, however legacies are made by leaders, not followers. The MOST important thing you can do in life is be you!!! Some will love you and some won't, but you'll live your life knowing you gave the world who you are and not someone you pretended to be.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program. Again, my entire outfit is thrifted :) Damn I just love when this happens, I love making statements with my clothes that just prove people wrong. And by people I'm primarily talking about label whores (not meant to be offensive, I just know no other term.) Some people believe that superior style is associated with the price tag of your clothes. Well if you ask me, if I can look and feel flawless in a 3 dollar dress, and it takes you 1,000 bucks to feel the same...hummmm I gotta leg up on you bro hahaha. Style is a representation/extension of how you feel, I dabble in designer (but not at retail price, where tha sale at?!?!) but it's totally false that your Louboutins, which are probably the most uncomfortable shoes I own btw, equate to you having style. Style evokes your senses, like perfume or music or photographs. 9 times outta 10 you're not paying attention to exactly what a person has on. You're captured by their confidence or the air about the person wearing them.

So in the spirit of embracing my feeling about this particular day, It felt like June, so I brought out the flowers to paint a picture of my Spring-like mood.