Size Doesn't Matter

When the Altuzarra x Target collaboration came out I had my eye on this dress. I was so upset when I got to the store, only a size 14 was left. I bought it anyway, I totally forgot I could order the pieces online, but the 14 actually fit!

Dress: Altuzarra x Target / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Zara / Jacket: Thrifted / Clutch: Vintage from Fran

The sizing on this collection is really strange but I love the over sized fit of the 14. I ordered an 8 as well but wasn't really feeling the tighter fit. Fall is all about layering, so I wanted to put together a layered look that was still very feminine and sexy.

Also, it's a look that could easily go from day to night by just taking off the pants. I use to struggle with putting together casual looks but lately I've been in the groove. I finally understand what casual means to me, that was the hard part. This was the perfect look for a cool evening in Paris, I wore this to Gosia Baczynska's show, her collection was so my style, I loved the venue too. Trish & I somehow managed to be seated front row so we got an amazing view of the runway. She's pretty dope you guys should check out her site.

I don't know what Zara did, but their shoes are a lot more comfortable than they use to be. These were the shoes I wore like everyday, they really saved my ass! I didn't plan on wearing them with every look but they go with everything, I'm kinda sad it's gonna be too cold to wear them soon. The color of this dress is so rich, I love using that word It looked beautiful on camera especially with the evening light. I was gonna return the size 8 but I may keep it now.

I love wearing my hair in my face, but because I got sick like 2 days into my trip. My skin was so dry and flakey. It was a struggle to cover it up with makeup but I managed to. That was one of the main reasons my hair covered my face in Paris lol. I felt like Freedy Krueger, this would happen to me smh, my skin likes to act up at the most inconvenient times.

I love Fran, she let me take so many great pieces when I visited for her 80th birthday. My Paris wardrobe would've been nothing without her. This little gold clutch added just the right touch to this outfit. I'm also feeling dark lips again. Most likely because it's Fall, last year around this time I was really into dark lips too. So you'll probably be seeing me try various lip colors on the darker side. I'm really looking for an emerald green lip color, so if any of you can direct me to where I can get one it'll be much appreciated!

I wish ya'll could see some of the posing struggles bloggers go through lol. Some of you may know because you're bloggers too. I'm telling Trish, "I'm gonna twirl ok" lolololololol, this was the best twirl shot I had in me that day. It didn't help that I had to use the bathroom (TMI I know) but bloggers be like, the bathroom can wait cause it's gonna be dark in like 20 minutes! I'm sure I'll be wearing depends at 40 haha.

I need to do a bloopers post soon because I have some pretty epicly horrible shots that are quite hilarious. I think it's rather healthy to make fun of yourself as much as you can. That way you don't take everything so serious, blogging has really helped me loosen up and be able to laugh at myself. It's hard not to when you see yourself looking crazy trying to fake model. I always say I post the best shots, we won't talk about 2,355 other ones lol. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying my Paris recap because I have a lot more to go!