Vest: Thrifted (last worn HERE) / Dress: Thrifted (last worn HERE) / Bracelets: Thrifted / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Belt: Shareen Vintage
Photography: Denisio Truitt
Wlep it's Monday again...I hope ya'll had a great weekend! On Saturday Denisio and I shot our second lookbook (1st one HERE) and I can't wait to show you guys. Lately I've been so annoyed with my closet. It's like I'm always missing one piece to complete an outfit. When this happens I usually throw on something simple. Then I realize, well hell, simple looks pretty damn good! That's how this outfit came about. My co-workers were petting me all day, lol I think they liked the fur. On a side note, thrifting is the real deal!!! Basically this entire outfit is thrifted, 25 bucks total baby. One of my best friends texted me a picture in a dress I gave her, thrifted of course, she too use to be a non-believer.  All that chaged after I took her thrifting. I hope I've made you a believer too...actually, I hope you don't believe, that leaves more clothes for me. Anywoo, I got thangs to do, and I'm sure you do too...reading blogs at work ehh...shame on you!!!