Shopping for a Cause

The lady of the hour, Ms. Diva State of Mind herself
Hello hello people <3 On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending by boo Keri's shopping event at Current Boutique. It was a charity event, where a percentage of sales went to support the Red Sprinkle fashion camp. I've been to a couple events to support this camp, here, because I really love what they're doing. Keri is one of DC's top lifestyle bloggers and she's also a personal stylist. So those of you who are looking to revamp your look, go on and click that link!!! She'll set you straight :) Oh and Qream is damn delicious I must say! The devil on my shoulder wanted to put one of those bottles in my purse lol. Kidding, kind of, I would never do such a thing ;)

Thanks Pharrell boo for making such a delicious liqueur lol

Dress: Shareen Vintage / Clutch: Vintage Neiman Marcus (thrifted) / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti / Watch: Michel Kors / Bracelets: Thrifted & South Moon Under
Photography: Thanh Nguyen

Of course I had to add my "typical" blogger pics lol, but in all seriousness, I love this dress!!!! I know I say that about everything, but hell I really do love everything I wear. It needed a slight alteration, which my mom did, and I also had her make the slit a little higher :) I'm addicted to Shareen thanks to Karla Deras, I NEVER leave NYC without stopping there now. I plan to go back to Cali before the year is over and I'm dying to visit the two stores out there. Well I never really post on Saturdays so consider yourselves lucky, or not that's cool too...BYEEEEEE