She's a Gypsy


Shirt, Skirt, Hat, Clutch: Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo (alternative)

Typically I'm not a huge fan of grainy photos, but I actually think the effect makes these photos much more appealing. I seriously believe I was a gypsy in my former life!!! It's actually a running joke with my family and friends. I have a really hard time staying in one place, I've moved more times than I'm willing to discuss lol. It's definitely a very challenging character trait. So in the spirit of my inner self, I decided to look the part too.

I know I always talk about thrifting and how much I love it, I've come to the conclusion it's no longer an addiction. It's a lifestyle, a very cost effective lifestyle may I add!! Well actually that could be a lie depending on how often you thrift. Anywoo, I pinned up this wrap skirt up to create a thigh high slit and also to show the AMAZING print on the inside. I'm wearing the top backwards, the buttons have a slightly metallic sheen (kinda like my shoes) that for me, shows better wearing them in the front.

I love being creative with my clothes, I try to wear pieces differently each time! Fall is a perfect transitional season to be creative, especially mixing summer pieces that can serve double duty in the cooler months. Right now I'm all about texture...mixing anything and everything to bring depth to my outfits!!! What are ya'll into for Fall?