Sag Harbor Cottage

Happy Saturday!! So finally I can relax, settle down, and get some blogging done today. As promised, I've found another amazing interior design firm to share with you guys.

Source: ASH NYC

ASH NYC is nothing short of amazing. Typically when I'm looking for home ideas, I Google to find the masterminds  behind the images I'm drawn to. It's really annoying when I can't get back to the source of a photos. Look people, I've got all your needs covered here needs, home needs, your occasional foodie needs, I mean what more could you ask for?!?! SHAMELESS PLUG. Lololol but seriously, as I transition to a lifestyle blog, I hope I'm providing inspiration in more areas than one.
Anyway, this cottage is sick on many levels. Wood everywhere, rustic/vintage incorporation, has just the right touch of modern, which prevents it from looking dated...shall I go on? If this was my home, I'd be confused in the best way possible!!! I wouldn't know whether to lay on the couch and watch TV all day. Or fill the place with my closest friends, get intoxicated, and tell stories about how I acquired the amazing pieces in my home.

Traveling is high on my priority list for the next few years. I've been wondering what memorabilia I should collect throughout my travels. I love the idea of incorporating items I can display in my home. I think it'd be so dope to look at a picture that reminds me Paris...or wine glasses brought back from Greece. (Those are two stops on my travel list over the next year)  
This space is so inspiring because all the pieces in this home have character. Like the owner has stories to tell about each and every piece. I love that. This home solidified my idea of collecting home decor pieces as keepsake items. What do you collect from traveling??? I'd be interested in knowing xoxo.