Room 307: Nightfall Editorial

I can't seem to keep up with my life these days. Finally getting around to posting the second set of photos of Room 307. It was pure magic working with this team of people. Typically when you bring a large group of people together things don't flow effortlessly, especially when you barely even know each other. This was one of those rare moments when everyone in the room jelled, it was quite a beautiful experience. After our shoot we basically came to the conclusion "we all go together" haha!

But in all seriousness I wanted these photos to take the same location and transform it into two very different point of views. I think we achieved that with room 307. Two people can look at the same thing but have two totally different visions. That's the beauty of collaboration, it allows you to step outside of what you see, into what someone else sees. There's always value in that! This being my first go at shooting an editorial, it's definitely been a learning experience. As I'm evolving and growing, hell and changing with every new project I decide to partake in. I realize more and more there are many sides to a story. But an important take away is that your side of the story isn't the most important. Taking in and processing others work and point of view is just as important.

Thank you Team Fleek Squared (inside joke but we really call ourselves that), for your energy and effort on Nightfall. It's much appreciated. I hope you guys enjoyed this editorial just as much as we enjoyed making it. And because Trivell, you're the real MVP, check out this BTS video he shot of Nightfall!



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