Room 307: Daybreak Editorial

I'm very excited to drop the first of two editorial projects titled Room 307. I've been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to bring various visions I have to life. My goal when I decided to take on these projects, was that they'd be collaborative efforts with local businesses and fellow creatives. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that bringing talented people together was a sure way to create magic. And not to boast, but I am in awe at what we've been able to produce.

Because I believe you should interpret bodies of work by letting them speak to you, with no preconceived notions. I'm not going to dive deep into the concept we had for Room 307. I decided to go with two teams for this project because I wanted each set to come from a different perspective. I also wanted to incorporate as many local creatives I could. What I will say about this project is, most likely you've been told, "there's two sides to every story." Well Daybreak is one side to the Room 307 story.

I could not have pulled this editorial off without some amazingly talented people. Thank you to the Daybreak team Ksenia, Crystal, & Alicia for helping me step outside myself and for all your hard work!!! Special thank you to Hotel Rouge for your hospitality and for allowing us to capture your amazing hotel. I really hope you guys enjoy these editorials. Stay tuned for part two of Room 307, I'll be posting a BTS video soon ;)

Look 1:


Look 2:

Camilla & Marc gown


ALDO Sandals (similar)

Look 3:

Vintage suit (similar)




H&M bra (similar)


ALDO Sandals (similar)

Look 4:

H&M dress(similar)

Look 5:

Vintage dress (similar)






Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (similar)

Look 6:

Vintage dress(similar)



H&M bra (Similar)


Christian Louboutin sandals(similar)


Hotel Rouge







Wardrobe Contributions by:

Le Bustiere Boutique


Rent the Runway