Rooftop Season

My favorite time of year is here!!! I love the abundant amount of rooftop events in DC.

Dress (Worn as a top): Thrifted / Pants: Vintage / Necklace: One Oak by Sara / Shoes: ALDO

Photography: Keri

This weekend has been so beautiful, Saturday I hung with my boo Keri, she snapped these pics for me too. She's got some photog skills I tell ya!!!

I really come alive in summer...these past two summers have been really crazy personally, but this summer is gonna be one to remember. I can feel it, mainly because I have so many things to be excited about. While shit is still hitting the fan in some areas, it's because I'm finally taking chances in my life, so that's to be expected. It keeps me on my toes lol. It's like one minute I'm banging my head against the wall and the next something great happens. Trying my best to remember to LIVE through it all, because that's what life is

I've been waiting to wear this outfit, as usual I put it together one night playing dress up with nowhere to go lol. So I was happy to finally get to wear it out. This simple-clean look was perfect for my rooftop afternoon. Where I may or may not have been tipsy after only two drinks, pathetic I know, oh well tis life.

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday weekend!!! Please take time out to recognize the men and women who protect and serve our country. Memorial Day is not just about cookouts and vacations, don't forget the reason behind the holiday xoxo.