Roll In Trees

So my newest obsession is Elle Decor. One day I'll be featured in that magazine, believe dat haha.

Source Elle Decor & Google Images

Obviously you're aware, with the recent emergence of my decor inspiration posts, my love for decorating is just as strong as my love of fashion. But I hope through these posts, I'm inspiring you to invest into your own homes. I really believe your home is where your best memories should be, so making it represent yourself and your family is important.

Anyway, like I've said a million times I love natural elements! So while on good ol Google last night, I found some great rooms that incorporated trees. My mom is a certified plant lady haha. So maybe that's why I love the outdoorsy vibe trees add to a space . Her damn kitchen is like an enchanted rain forest. I'm like step over the vines and duck under the trees, oh shit there's the stove lololol. Love you mom <3

But seriously, these images have me ready to buy all the trees from Home Depot. They're gonna be like, oh Lord that tree lady is back again. I feel like every time I go decor shopping the employees wanna kick me out lol. I'm the customer that asks a million questions, hell I'm going for a certain look...OK!!! Plus I need to know the deets...I don't like bugs or weird smells so having a beautiful tree that smells like poop is not an option.

So are you guys "roll in trees"...Rolling them into your house of course ;)