Vintage robe worn as a dress: Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Vintage(Thrifted)

Coincidentally, I’m wearing the same color in my last post, I guess I kinda like it! I was searching the thrift stores a few weeks ago looking to recreate a look I saw on Nicole Richie. Luckily I found a lingerie top that’s practically identical to the Alexander Wang top she wore. Good ol thrift store, never lets me down!!! Just as I was headed out the frisky section, I spotted this robe…Sweet baby Jesus I fell in love, it has the cutest trim!

As you can see I’m rocking my real hair again. Although, the humidity here is serious, I dunno how long it’ll last. I’m already tempted to slap a weave in it, but I’m gonna hold off for a few weeks to let it breathe. I’m so bi-polar when it comes to hair, my most recent urge is to dye it grey. What are some styles on your summer list?