Red White & Blue

I guess I was feeling patriotic, I didn't even realize my color scheme was so "Merica" until I decided to wear these shoes at the last minute. I'm gearing up to head back to Europe in two weeks, shit, that's like tomorrow. I'm so unprepared and scrambling but I'm trying not to think too much about it.

Photography: Ksenia

The hard part is over. My ticket's been purchased, the apartment is booked, so now all that's left to do is go and have a great time. I'm a chronic worryer, which is unlike my overall demeanor/personality, I'm paranoid about the oddest things. So this time around I'm gonna worry less and spend more time enjoying myself.

I'm still in love with my HSTRY sweats, last worn here. This time I ditched the pants and decided to pair my sweatshirt with this thrifted skirt my sis got for me. I added these color blocked sandals from Zara and there you have it. Ksenia and I had a shoot buddy haha, there was this random guy under the bridge screaming and carrying on. Although he provided entertainment, good old photoshop made him disappear. Bloggers, we're just unscathed when we find cool locations, strange men can not get in the way of that lol.

I'll share more details about my trip, just realized I haven't shared that on the blog. I'll get that up next week, I'm pretty excited about it :). I have a few events coming up and I'm looking forward to posting some recaps for a change. Enjoy the rest of the week, take advantage of the beautiful weather xx