Ready For That War...Ready

Blazer: BCBG (alternative) / Pants: Thrifted / Bustier: H&M (alternative) / Bag & Shoes (alternative): Zara
Photography: Trisha Penn

I often get bored if I look the same for long periods of time. I'm always trying to reinvent myself based on how I feel. Yesterday I wore this outfit out for dinner and drinks with my blogger pals.  Initially the girls and I ventured into an Italian restaurant, however the family style atmosphere wasn't exactly boob friendly lol. So we opted for my fav dim sum spot. Now that the weather is on the cooler side, I pulled out these fatigues I found a while back thrifting. I didn't feel like doing my hair, so I just went for the blow dry and go look.

In other news...Ya'll know I'm a huge advocate for doing what you feel and pursuing what you love. Although I've been working on getting a few things off the ground, I will admit that I havent been putting 100% effort into it. In fact I've been making a lot of excuses to justify my behavior. But now is the time baby, time to get my shit together and get serious about my goals. I challenge you to do the same!!! There's a world of opportunity out there waiting for us to claim it. So ladies and gents lets go to war...and by that I mean fight for and claim the lives we want. Because quite frankly...time ain't forever!!!