Rainy Day

Shirt: Zara (last worn here) / Pants: Thrifted / Shoes & Necklace: Aldo / Jewelry: Michael Kors, H&M, BCBG

I was leaving work yesterday and it was raining like crazy.  I ran under this scaffold overpass thing to escape the rain.  Mainly because I didn’t want my hair to get wet!! If it did I would’ve been rocking an afro in these pics lol. My readers with natural hair understand my pain haha.  Because a blogger never leaves home without his/her camera I thought…PICTURE TIME! Even though people kept giving me angry stares for snapping away in the rain, I didn’t mind lol.  I enjoyed strutting around in the rain, with the cars passing by and the cool breeze in the air, a few drivers appreciated something to watch while sitting in traffic too J I hope you guys have a great day, looks like it’s gonna be another rainy one L