Purvi Padia Design: Tribeca Penthouse

What's happenin!!! I haven't posted an interior design post in a while so what better time than now.

Source: Purvi Padia Design

My mood changes daily, you know kinda like my style lol. I draw a lot of inspiration from interior design, what's the equivalent of writers block in regard to fashion? Styling block lol, well whatever it is, when I struggle with creating looks I'll scroll through Google images of interior design. It actually helps me establish what mood I'm in. If I'm drawn to minimalist spaces that typically translates to basic silhouettes and clean lines. On the other hand, if I'm feeling eclectic, I'm drawn to spaces with a lot of character and my style reflects that.
Lately I've been wearing a lot of solid colors. So I wasn't surprised I fell in love with this Tribeca Penthouse by Purvi Padia.
Grey is such an awesome neutral. I've seen both clean and warm spaces created using grey as a neutral. What I appreciate most about this penthouse is, it's clean but also feels homey. The living room sofa looks insanely comfortable and the placing the TV in the center of the adjacent wall tells me the room will actually be utilized. I've never understood the purpose of those rooms no one is supposed to sit in. It's like why the hell did you buy furniture for it then lol.
I also love the children's play area, obviously because the kiddos need an area where they can have social time too!!!
Although the kitchen is cleaner than what I'm normally into, I still love it. You can bring color in with artwork and accents. I'd be easy to swap things in and out throughout the seasons because you've got a simple base.
I feel the same way about the bedroom and bathroom. I'm a huge advocate for change so the more simplistic your base, the more flexibility you have.

Overall the space is really awesome. So this design firm gets added to my list of favorites xoxo