Pursuit of Happiness

Bathing suit: Victoria's Secret / Vintage Levi 501's: Gifted from InstantVintage78 / Shoes: BCBG

Yo! So I've been sooooooo busy working on my boys line, it's left me with very little time to slip out of my sweats, I've been living in them for the past week or so. Let me just say the lack of sleep I've been getting can't be healthy. I have so much to do, even while I'm asleep my mind is on overdrive lol. The pursuit of happiness...when it all comes together you learn to appreciate the sacrifice.

Anywoo, my pumpkin has made a few appearances on the blog lately. He's so wishy-washy lol, he's not really interested in taking pictures. He may last a few frames but then he's over it. Now he want's to be the photographer! He loves taking pictures so I find myself having to delete blurry abstract images from my phone haha. Gotta love him :) 

These are the last set of photos from vacation. Kept it simple with a bikini top and vintage 501's.