I love that this clutch says love

Jacket: Shareen / Skirt: Conspicuous / Tank: Zara / Shoes: YSL / Watch: Michael Kors / Clutch: Vintage   

Random :)

I’m usually really not into wearing pink but being that October is breast cancer awareness month I wanted to show support!!!  I found this jacket at Shareen, if you follow my blog I rave about this place.  I love their selection and can’t wait to go back next month. It’s truly one of the best vintage stores I’ve been to and the staff is awesome!!! But back to the point, it’s very important for us women to take care of our bodies, I myself am a health NUT, I go to the doctor if I sneeze funny.  Which is kind of ridiculous but being healthy is very important to me.  I want to be around as long as I possibly can and if I can help my chances, I am definitely willing to do whatever it takes.  I routinely give myself self-examinations because when dealing with breast cancer early detection can really save your life.  I urge all my women readers to do this too!!  There are millions of people fighting this disease, including men, and showing our support raises awareness. If this post encourages at least one person to perform self-examinations or to pay more attention to their health overall it will have served its purpose.

Special Thank you to my mommy for taking my pictures today!!! You’re the BEST mom <3