Dress: Thrifted / Cardigan: Bebe / Shoes: Loeffler Randall
Photography: Denisio Truitt

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Yup not that it makes much of a difference to me being that I'm not working yet, but I know some of you are happy lol. However, I am excited to be going back to work, I only have one more week of freedom before my awesome new job starts. Yay me :) I must admit, I'm slightly obsessed with wearing see through clothes. I've actually always been a fan of showing my undergarments, now that this sheer trend is in, at least people don't look at me crazy for wearing it haha. I mean, I use to get angry stairs and parents covering their kids eyes, I'm like geezzz haven't you people ever been to the beach??? What's the dang difference...can we say weird-OOOOO. So, next week the weather is supposed to be amazing, I really wanna have a girls night out!!! Man back in my heyday (pre-baby) I was a party animal ahhhh to be 21 again!!! The days of staying out until 4 and waking up at 6 to go to work...I still have the party animal in me, I just keep her caged up lol. Although, she tends to escape and raise havoc from time to time ;) Welp, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend...XOXO