Parisian Dreamin

Images via Google Images

Happy New Year!!! So what I'm late lol. I wanted to start off the year talking something I'll be doing a lot of in 2014...traveling!!! I love researching things to do and places to go before I travel. I've been wanting to go to Paris for a while now, these are just a few images that caught my eye.

I'm obsessed with European street style, I'm gonna be such a tourist this summer while I'm there. I literally plan on taking an obscene amount of photos. I'll try to keep them to a minimum on the blog but I'm not making any promises.

2014 is the year of DOING for me!!! My only plan is to put as many projects as I can out into the atmosphere, and enjoy doing it. Which means the days of this being primarily a personal style blog are long gone. I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my life. From travel to food to what I'm wearing and everything else in between.

I'm excited for BLBY to open a new chapter and evolve!!! I'd love any tips or must see places to visit in Paris...xoxo