Palm Beach Home by 1100 Architect

Took a slight break from posting interiors, but after stumbling upon 1100 Architect, I've got my act together. Their designs are absolutely breathtaking! It was incredibly hard to choose a property to feature, but I was drawn to this Palm Beach home. A very close second was this Long Island home, it's pretty insane too.

All images via 1100 Architect

No need to be long winded because the property speaks for itself. There are however, things I really appreciate about the property. The view couldn't be any better, especially the placement of the pool. The hardwood on the ceiling and solid flooring is beautifully done. Also kind of brilliant because I'm so use to seeing the reverse. The choice of wooden furniture pulls everything together in the common areas. And, of course my love of open floor plans is in full effect! The space flows effortlessly from room to room. Overall, this firm is really dope, one of the best I've come across so far.