Suit: 8 Vintage / Shoes & Bag: Zara / Shirt: Cameo 
Photography: Denisio Truitt
Happy Tuesday!!! The new items are live in the shop :) One of my favorite items is this reconstructed suit, mainly because the fabric is soooo comfortable. I’m usually not a shorts person but I made an exception just to rock this sick little number. Ahhhh vintage, how I love thee! In other news, I’m still going strong with my strike against tight lol. Maybe it’s because I’ve yet to work out this belly bulge that us mothers fight to keep off, and because I eat like a 240 pound man. I better get my ass in shape tho, no one wants to see a skinny chick with a pot belly laying on the beach. Ya’ll think skinny girls have it so easy huh?!?! Well hell naw we don’t, we struggle too!!!

Anywoo, since this lovely spring weather brought our area snow yesterday, and made wanna bang my head against the wall. I’ve lost all care of what it actually feels like outside. Because my mind wants it to be spring, I’m gonna start dressing like it. I’ll be the idiot wearing bra tops, miniskirts, and open toe sandals regardless of what it feels like outside. Yea, I’m fu*kin with Mother Nature cause she’s fu*kin with me!!!!!