On The Deck

Top: Thrifted (Reconstructed) / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Aldo (On Sale) / Rings: Bebe
After seeing this Alexander Wang top on Nicole Richie, I dedicated a day thrifting to find a similar top. The almost $300 price tag of the original is a tad bit outside my budget. Originally this was a full length camisole, I had my mom take it in and crop it! I would've done it myself, but it’s basically an exact match of the Wang top and if I butchered it, I would have been severely depressed. Plus my sewing isn't quite where I want it to be yet.

I plan on wearing this top raggedy, which means wear it so much it damn near falls apart!!! Hell, I paid $2 for it so I need to get my money’s worth lol. I really don’t care about wearing the same pieces over and over again, when I shop I look for items that I can wear multiple ways. So damnit don't buy into the notion that you can only wear things once. I’m NOT “VERY RICH BITCH” like Nene hahahahaha. But maybe you are.

Anywoo, I hope you're having a great week! If not, be thankful anyway because it could always be worse!!!