On Repeat

Blazer: BCBG / Boots: Steve Madden / Dress: Thrifted / Bag: Zara
Photography: Trisha Penn

It’s kinda funny that as women we feel like we gotta justify wearing the same outfit again. I think I subconsciously feed into this BS, although I do repeat outfits, I think about how long I should wait etc. I mean how realistic is it to wear clothes/outfits one time?!? Guys can wear the same damn jeans all week and no one would notice. I honestly think if more people had the “I’ll wear my shit whenever I want attitude,” it would get rid of the stigma around repeating outfits.

So maybe you’re thinking, “Why is she saying this.” Well clearly it’s because I’ve worn this exact outfit here on the blog lol. Not only is this dress amazing because it cost 4 bucks, it’s really comfy and I love the boobie action haha. Clearly you can tell I love a low neckline, well hell it’s because I’m team no boobs…or maybe I should say team handful. (Disclaimer: blame that on the wine)

But anyway, before my ramblings go x-rated or something lol, my point is…Wear your clothes as much as you want because you CAN!!! You spent your money and who cares if people have opinions. I just got these jeans and I plan on wearing them into the dirt. I will wash them frequently lol, but you know damn well we don’t wash our jeans after every wear hahaha. Take off, fold, and place back in the closet.
I’m a little loose lipped today so ima go now!

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