You've probably seen this look on social media already so I thought I'd get it up on the blog. I'm obcessed with all things olive. I've always loved shades of green, so when I put this look together I thought I'd mix slightly different sades to give the look texture and add depth. I love how this came together. I got these trousers from Zara and they'll be in heavy rotation this summer. They're so versatile, they can be worn with anything from a slouchy tee to a bra top and still look really chic.

I know everyone is into these monochromatic or tonal looks. But as I mentioned a good way to add character to this trend is varying the shade of each piece slightly. I think visually that makes tonal looks more interesting. My top (actually it's a dress) is Helmut Lang, I scored for 25 bucks at Mint Condition. My Blazer is thrifted, shoes are by Costume National, and another sick box purse from Fran.

Photography: Ksenia


I know I'm often extremely off topic, which is actually on purpose. Because typically I have a lot more to talk about than just what I'm wearing. Lately I've been reading the news and happenings around the world, which I rarely do. Not because I don't want to be informed but because I feel media outlets never speak to the positive things happening in the world. I try to stay informed as much as I can tolerate. Lately I've just been overwhelmed and slightly annoyed with how we decide to respond to situations.


I look at Facebook posts of people passing judgement and pointing the finger and just really want to use my blog as a space where I can be honest and positive. So I wanna say a few things just to push it out into the atmosphere.

Before you decide to pass judgement or share an opinion about a situation of any kind, THINK. Ask yourself what the intent of sharing your opinion is. Remember that not one person on the planet is perfect, so instead of kicking someone when their down or passing judgement, remember how you felt at times when you were down.

Always be mindful that words are powerful so if you have an opinion, ask yourself what you're doing that could help someone. Get involved in making the world better because you never know, you can change someones life. Most importantly, believe that change can happen. I may talk about fashion but I hope when you leave here you feel like I lifted you up a little. Because that means more to me than any material thing. And I really mean that. That's it xx