Office Space

So I'm not wasting any time expanding my content here on the blog. Not waiting for the new year cause I don't feel like it lol. The bright side of being in somewhat of a transitional period of my life is, I basically get to start from scratch in a lot of areas.

As I plan for my new home I've been so inspired by everything, like literally everything lol. I feel like dressing your home is kinda like dressing yourself. Unlike my personal style, I prefer my home to keep an even keel, well kinda. In the end I'm pretty sure every room will have it's own personality...but all together the same flow.

All Images via Google Images

The home office is probably the room I'm most excited about. Because I plan on a very busy 2014 full of rolling out a few projects I've been working on. Creating a space that inspires and motivates me to produce the best work possible is my aim.

I'm obsessed with wooden desks! I find a lot of the images I love have them. These images align best with what I envision for the space. My biggest design requirement is that the space be incorporated into a common area. Some people love to be isolated while they work, but I prefer traffic areas.

I'm often inspired by things I see or how I'm feeling. Something simple as being in the same room my son's hanging out in or near a window that faces the street. Even in the living room surrounded by pictures and paintings, I've always been a visual person. The design concepts in these photos can all be incorporated into open spaces.

Now in reality you'd think I had a clue as to where or when all these glorious plans for my home will become reality...but hell I ain't even got a house yet lol. But when I find it bets believe I'll hit the ground running...xo